How To Use Technology To Make Your Winter Warmer? – Tech Unlocker

The human body is designed to stay normal or behave normally in a medium temperature environment. However, when the temperature drops in winter we use to migrate or adjust or living style according to the harsh weather.

However, thanks to the new era of technology, we can change or maintain every natural aspect of a climate or weather caused due to seasonal changes. This a simple 5 step guide which helps you enjoy your summer without freezing you.

Watch the Room Humidity

In winter the air is cold and holds less water, so the humidity is lower. Which is why it is advised to use a humidifier to balance the amount of humidity in the air. This way you will reduce the chance of catching a cold.

Always get yourself an Ultrasonic Cool Mist Technology humidifier. They are able to break down water drops into million particles and have the capacity to run the entire night. Some of them are also natural oil friendly. So you can use mood calming oils such as bergamot and lavender oil.

With the help of Mist Nozzles, you can easily target the area of your room where you want the moisture. And most of the humidifiers are portable and easy to use which enables you to carry it anywhere you want.

Use Electric Water Heater

We love to enjoy the winters chilling low temperature but nobody wants to take bathe in the cold water. And as we are talking about the use of technology, getting an electric water heater seems a good choice.

Technically there are you get two options, the first one is a water heater without a tank and another it with a tank. Until and unless you live at high altitudes there is no need to go for a gas unit.

It is always beneficial to read some electric tankless water heater reviews first then buy the right one for yourself. Being an electrical unit, they come in a very small size which makes the installation process very easy.

You can also use an under-sink water heater powered by electricity to get instant hot water.

Get Cozy With Heated Blanket

Why go for a heated blanket when you can have a room heater? This is one of the common questions people ask when we tell them this suggestion. Yes, one can install a room heater but it can cost you way beyond thousands of dollars. However, you can get into your comfort zone with a  heating blanket which will cost you less than $100.

Apart from that such personal winter items also help you stay in your bed and reduce the electricity bill at the same time. Just make sure that when you buy it, ask for a washable cover, as the main unit is battery powered so you won’t be able to clean it or wash it. Having a cover on the blanket will help you protect the blanket and keep it clean. Just wash the cover every week or whenever you think it is dirty.

Ceiling Fan Heater

Assuming that you have some extra budget that you can spend this winter, the ceiling fan heater is a good option. Furnance or room fire pits only cover a small space or the direct in-line area, however, with the help of ceiling fan heater you can warm up your room and maintain an even temperature.

Technically they are space heaters but they are built in such a way that you can install them on your ceiling behind a modified fan. Just switch on the fan in reverse mode and activate the heater with the help of a remote. This combination is a great example of how one can use two existing technology to make something new and useful.

Install Wireless Doorbell

Nobody wants to leave the comfort of home during snowfall or chilling winters. Getting up from your couch and answering the doorbell also sounds frustrating nowadays. And we all know that Christmas always attract unwanted guests and frustrating doorbells.

A typical wireless doorbell has an operating range of over 500 feet. inside closed walls or inside the house and around 1000 feet in an open area. Having a long-range wireless doorbell will be helpful if you are living in a large house.

So installing a wireless doorbell sounds a good choice to avoid entertaining not-so-important neighbors or people in your life. Some of them also come with a camera option which can be used to see the face of the person. However, such doorbells with the camera are costly.

Wrap Up

Winter is tough and it is coming which is why you need to stock up your house. Update it with the most suitable winter gadgets to enjoy the season without facing any issue or discomfort.