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Before investing in a subscription in any VoIP service provider, it is very important to do some research on ourselves. Because smart and educated users always do practical research before enjoying the results. Basically, your search for the right way to find the best VoIP service provider ends here. We have also discussed some basic terminologies and the types of services providers exist out there.

What is a VoIP Service Provider?

A VoIP service provider is a business organization whose aim is to provide VoIP services directly to businesses or consumers. The VoIP service providers offer subscription-based VoIP service instead of selling software to customers. The software is usually provided as a service that is hosted by the vendor this is called the SaaS model. Subscriber companies only need to pay a fixed amount during the period they are using the service.

Types of VoIP Service Provider

There are mainly three types of VoIP service providers. They are as follows:

1. VoIP-only Providers: They only provide telephonic functions like voicemail, call forwarding, call ID and some other basic functions to businesses or consumers.

2. VoIP with Cloud Phone System Providers: They leverage the cloud by combining VoIP with cloud PBX technology. They offer options like make and receive calls, auto attendants, answering rules and virtual extensions like business call management features.

3. VoIP as part of Unified Communications Solution Providers: They are the central hub for communications by combining several communications tools including VoIP, cloud PBX, online meetings, and team messaging into one platform.

Reliability and Security of VoIP Service Providers

The VoIP service provider must employ various security measures to protect data during the VoIP Calls. As we know that VoIP is not a secure service by itself because of the data transmission through the internet. Therefore, during transmissions, data is vulnerable to breach or interception.

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The best way to improve security is the encryption such that voice calls are converted from the original form to an encoded version that can only be decoded with a decryption key. It works as a safe transmission across IP networks. Therefore, VoIP Phones service providers must offer high-level encryption.

The reliability can be enhanced by having multiple data centers set up in different locations such that no disruption will result in service. If a server fails, another server can take over in real-time.

Apart from that advanced account management and administration, regular audits of data centers, robust networks, and multi-factor authentication are the best practices for reliability and security.

Read Customer Reviews

Before subscribing to any VoIP service provider, you just need to investigate by yourself. The best way is to read customer reviews. You can also read general opinions people have about the VoIP service provider. You can also look at the number of subscribers. Trustable companies have more number of subscribers.

For best results, you can study which VoIP service providers big brands use. Big companies have done their research work on themselves. These are very general practices that can really help you a lot.

Check the Plans and Pricing

You must take a broad look at the plans and pricing of various VoIP service providers. The brief description of plans and pricing is mostly found at the bottom side. You will find some low priced plans but don’t skip to read the customer reviews because no one wants to waste their money on a riskier option.

The high priced plans VoIP service providers are expensive but they are best because they have their expertise at a high level encrypted, security and reliability of their VoIP services.

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