Explaining How VPNs Work and what using a VPN for? – Tech Unlocker

One way of securely connecting to your computer from a remote location is through a VPN service(virtual private network). A VPN service provides a virtual network that is private so that users can connect to the internet is a safe and secure way. Initially, virtual private networks were created to connect business networks remotely using the internet or allow people to access their business networks from home, but now they have several more benefits. Apart from using a VPN service to shield your browsing activities from cybercriminals when using public Wi-Fi, you can use them for anonymous browsing the internet.

What is a VPN and how is it Helpful?

A VPN creates a secure connection between your computer or smartphone to another computer (server) somewhere on the internet and allows you to browse using the server’s internet connection. The VPN connections protect users by sending data traffic via an encrypted connection to an external server before the traffic is sent on to the internet. This way, your IP address shown is for the server, not your device.

As we increase online transactions, using virtual private networks is increasingly becoming important due to the protection it provides. Nowadays, you can access your bank account online and purchase some items over the internet, attracting hackers and other cybercriminals. Internet users who don’t use secure internet connections put themselves at the risk of losing their cash or sensitive information to hackers or leaving some clues that they would not like others to see.

How Does a VPN Work?

When you connect your device (Computer/smartphone) to a virtual private network, the device will act like it is on the same local network as the VPN, and all your network traffic will be sent to the VPN via a secure connection. You can access the internet like you are at the VPN’s location and also access local network resources even if the VPN is from a different location. All this is possible because your computer behaves like it is on the network.

Every time you browse the internet while connected to a VPN, your device contacts the website using an encrypted VPN connection. The virtual private network will forwards your request to the web and sends the results back to you through the encrypted connection.

To use a virtual private network, look for a reliable VPN provider like pure VPN, and install their software. You can then choose your preferred security settings and connect with any VPN server that you wish. The VPN application will run in the background of your computer any time you make a connection.

Other Uses for VPNs

VPNs’ secure connection could be the primary reason why most people use them, but there are other uses, as explained below.

Accessing Business Network Remotely

Business people can use virtual private networks connections to access their local network resources when traveling. The connection is more secure because the local resources are not directly exposed to the internet.

Access your Home Network While Travelling

Reliable VPNs like pure vpn to access your home network when outside the home. A home network can have a computer where you save your important files and some security features like CCTV cameras.

Hiding Browsing Data from Local Network and ISP

Every time you use a public network to connect to a non-HTTPS website, your browsing activity is visible by the people nearby if they are interested in looking. You can connect to a VPN when using such connections as it will only show a single, secure VPN connection to the local network.