5 Must-Have Features in Event Apps – Tech Unlocker

New technologies are penetrating all aspects of our professional lives. Digitalization has significantly affected the way we work, communicate, and network. When it comes to planning a professional event, a well-designed mobile application is essential for ensuring all processes go smoothly, and all attendees are satisfied with a meet-up.

5 Main Features in an Event App

Building an effective mobile app is integral for any reputable event. If you are just planning to create one, then you definitely should get familiar with these five essential features that an excellent event app must have.

Calendar and Agenda

Professional events and conferences are usually short but busy and have a tight schedule. It’s crucial to provide attendees with an event app that features a calendar that supports quick real-time updates on the agenda.

Also, it would be great to send notifications or push-messages about any changes that might occur. The same goes for reminders and other program announcements that will make communication between attendees more effective. This simple feature will help the event go seamlessly.


Not all people will open an email, even with the valuable information about a forthcoming event or conference. The application is a perfect way to share some important content with attendees that they will definitely read.

You have to be able to post news, articles, short videos, presentations, and other documents in the event app so that people can easily access relevant info. This feature will allow you to build trustworthy relationships with attendees and increase engagement.


Conferences and professional events are not just called to share the latest news and experience in a particular industry. It’s also about networking and communication between attendees. Thus, a message board is one of the most important features of any event app.

A few days won’t be enough to touch base with every person that an attendee might want to communicate. Messages allow going beyond physical communication and easily establishing relationships through the app, even when conference time runs out.

Automated Matchmaking

Networking can be effective only if attendees can easily meet up with people who share their professional interests. For making communication experience even more comfortable, an event app should have a useful feature of automated matchmaking.

Let attendees connect more effectively. Get the list of people with similar career qualifications and interests to get in touch, arrange meetings, exchange ideas, and experience between sessions.

Attendee Feedback

It is the last but still an extremely important event app feature to integrate. A feedback section should be designated for attendees, sponsors, stakeholders, and staff. Discover what people think of the event once it’s over.

With their honest feedback, you will be able to find out what people liked most about the meeting and what organizational aspects need some improvements. It is the best way to make their future experiences better.

Final Thoughts

These tips will help you to create an outstanding event application that will allow you to host professional events on the highest level. With a well-designed event app, you will be able to keep attendees well-informed about the schedule and increase engagement between people.