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It becomes quite problematic when you have written a content piece after through hard work and it has several grammatical issues. Normally, when people have to proofread the written content, they go through each line to see if any mistakes have been left unchecked. This option is not completely dependable because you may ignore few errors. A more dependable option is using an online grammar evaluation tool. So, must perform a grammar check of your content before publishing it on the website. If you search on the internet, you would see various top standard grammar checkers. Some of them offer free usage as well so you do not have to pay for anything.  The most important thing is that the stress of checking the content grammatically is eliminated A quality online grammar checker can help you with various including the following.

During the course of writing content, even the most experienced writers make mistakes with tenses. For instance, one line may be written in present tense while the other would carry the past tense. If you use an online grammar checker, mistakes related to tenses can be identified and fixed in quick time.

The usage of comma (apostrophe) is important in lengthy sentences. It breaks the sentence into two sections and creates a flow for the user. Most writers skip the apostrophe which makes a sentence look too lengthy. With an online grammar checker, you can determine whether the comma has been used at all the correct places or not.

Passive voice should be used only when the need is there. Writers do not realize this when they are preparing the content. They use passive voice in the content even when the need is not there. A grammar checker helps in the identification of all instances where passive voice has been used in an unnecessary manner.

  1. Sentences without fragments

If you have a look at some sentences, you would realize that they do not have a proper clause. An example can be.

“He did not pass the exam, even though he worked hard”.

This sentence carries an independent appearance and the clause is missing. With a grammar checker, all such mistakes that have been made while writing would be shown to you on our screen.

  1. The correct use of apostrophe

It is important for a writer to know when the apostrophe has to be used and when the need is not there. For instance, if you want to write “it is”, you can use an apostrophe and write it as “it has”. The meaning would be same. At times, the apostrophe is used without a purpose. Using an online grammar checker, all such mistakes can be identified. This is actually a much better option than reading each line and checking whether the apostrophe has been used at all the correct places or not.

At times, when writers are working on a piece of writing, they unintentionally use words which do not make any sense. This obviously cannot be rectified if a proper grammar checker is not being used. Automated tools identify all errors that have been made while the content is being written. If you have used words that do not make any sense, the grammar checker tool would show these errors. For instance, a lot of people use “lying” instead of “lieing” and the two words are not related in any manner. These mistakes are identified when you are using a technological tool to check the content. It is no feasible to take any chances and proofread the content manually.

  1. Ignoring Commas in Compound Sentences

A compound sentence is a combination of two sentences but they have to be separated by a comma. Let us go through an example.

“He came to the wedding and went away without meeting his friends.”

In the above example an apostrophe is missing. If the apostrophe is used, the correct version of sentence would be given as.

“He came to the wedding, and went away without meeting his friends.”.

You should know that it is almost impossible to identify all these mistakes when you are proofreading the content manually. First of all, a lot more time is consumed when no grammar checker is used. Secondly, there is every chance of skipping errors.

  1. Using caps when not needed

A capital letter is only used to begin a sentence in most cases. In other situations it is used for mentioning someone’s name or the name of a country. However, when people are writing in a hurry and they have timelines to meet, they do write text in caps even when the need is not there, What is the best way to be sure that your content does not contain any such mistakes. The use of an online grammar checker is surely the best way out. As this is a technological solution, you can be free of worries that any of the mistakes would not be checked. A proper online grammar checker would identity all sentences in which text in caps has been used without the need being there.

It is important to insert the correct punctuation marks whenever the need is there. At times, writers write two sentences together without any connecting word between them. This presents these sentences as two vague phrases. We can go through the following example and gain more understanding.

  • He had taken a cycle from the house he got caught by his father.

The above version of the sentence does not make any sense because there is no connecting word between the two sentences. These two individual sentences do not make any sense. The correct sentence would be given as

  • He had taken a cycle from the house but he got caught by his father.
  1. No comma placed after the sentence introductory element

A comma has to be placed after the introductory part of the sentence so that it can be differentiated from the remaining part of the sentence. Unfortunately, a lot of writers do not follow this practice. Other than that, they do not find it as a mistake as well. Through a grammar checker, you can determine this error and rectify it in a convenient manner.