What is Instagram order sticker and what do we know about Instagram Stories – Tech Unlocker

Instagram was first launched in October 2010 and ever since has become one of the most popular photo and video-sharing website around the globe. It is more than just about uploading and liking pictures as it is a complete social media networking application.

What accounts for the ongoing fame of Instagram is the fact that its interface is interactive, attractive as well as easy to understand and use for its followers. Instagram is without doubt the best platform among others as it enables its users to taste popularity in a very helpful and useful manner. Moreover, Instagram has tons of productive features such as Instagram stories that can make a user’s day go from boring to beautiful really quick.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories have changed the whole experience of using Instagram. They are fun and productive at the same time as they are more like an everyday online photo album. This can be supported with the fact that as many as 200 million people actively use thus intriguing feature thus making it the fastest growing social media platform. Stories are fast and have a very engaging feature.

Reasons to get excited about Instagram stories

There are many reasons that have made real Instagram followers very excited about this feature. Here are a few of the most interesting ones:

A very active user base: it has been reported that there are over 400 million users who use the story feature every single day.

Effortless creation: for many people Instagram posts require a lot of effort such as taking into account perfect lighting, angles, captions, and hashtags. On the other hand, stories require far less effort as one simply needs an idea or interesting moment coupled with a pinch of creativity.

An array of features: stories have a lot of inbuilt features such as drawing equipment, adding stickers, sharing location as well as adding the perfect filters.

An easy way to be discovered: Instagram stories are the easiest and simplest way of getting discovered and amplifying reach.

Instagram order sticker

Ever since its inception, Instagram has been putting its utmost effort in giving its users the best features. The newest feature that has grasped attention of many is the latest order sticker in the stories section. This order sticker appeared a few time ago next to the older existing stickers as reported by a well-known social media consultant by the name of Matt Navarra.

Till know there is ambiguity surrounding the use of the sticker and its working. The icon which is a green dollar sign suggests a little about the working as it gives a perception that the sticker may make use of payments in one way or the other. Prior to this, a product stocker was also noticed by Navarra. The order sticker is a clear indication that Instagram never stops to experiment with latest features.

It has been seen over the last few months that Instagram is trying a lot to move into the shopping sector. This was clear with the introduction of the checkout feature which allows the users to buy products without exiting the app.

The bottom line

Instagram never stops to amaze its users. Instagram stories have gained a lot of popularity in a very short time span. the sudden appearance of the order sticker has raised a lot of questions as its use is not clear. It has suggested one thing for sure that Instagram will be adding a lot of shopping related features quite soon.