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There is a majority of smartphone users that prefer androids and the major reason is access to the device itself. Android devices can be used to their full potential as the user likes and the method is by rooting. Rooting involves getting access to the device to the full extent as you can do whatever you like with the rooted device. Remove pre-installed apps, reduce battery consumption, and customize the whole interface if you feel it doing so.

There are tons of rooting apps available out there to root android devices that can be used. But which one can you trust and which one actually works? Don’t worry we have filtered some of the best rooting apps for androids that you can select from. Here is a list of 5 best rooting apps for androids that you can use for rooting your device safely.

Top 5 Best Rooting Apps for Android

1. SuperSU

SuperSU is the leading Android rooting method you most likely must have heard of. It is great and works on most of the new devices as well. This app doesn’t only root your device but also lets you have control over the root permission on the android device. You can grant or deny root access to any app as you like and also check when any app have used root permission. It’s easy to use and the rooting method is also simple while unroofing can also be done with the same app.

The size of this app is very small. It is free but you can also get the pro version for ad-free usage and extra features on your device.

2. iRoot

iRoot is also one of the best rooting apps for Android devices and it is also free like the others on this list. It is easy to use and doesn’t consume much of your space. Rooting android device is easy with iRoot and can be done with just one click. It does work on most of the android devices and all brands like Asus, HTC, Motorola, and many more. It comes for both windows and android to install that can be used for rooting. The only thing that it lacks is the unroot feature that most of the other apps provide.

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3. Kingoroot

Kingoroot is one of the best rooting apps for rooting android devices available out there. It is completely free to download and use. For rooting with Kingoroot you don’t have to make any changes on your device or have to add files etc. Rooting Android devices is pretty much easy with Kingoroot and it gives you compete for access to your Android device. It is reliable and works on most of the popular smartphone brands.

Kingoroot can be used on android version up to 5.0 and is available as both PC and android apk. It also gives you the feature to unroot your device without a lot of mess. It contains ads so keep that in mind.

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4. Kingroot

Kingroot the name is similar to the next we have on this list but these are two different apps. Kingroot is a very popular rooting app for Android devices as well. The app is small-sized and works perfectly well for most of the android devices. You can use Kingroot to root your android device with just one tap and get all the root access in no time. It comes with the feature of purifying to save the battery of your device by stopping the background apps. It is free to use but a pro version is also available if you wish to pay for it.

5. One Click Root

One click root is the app you need for the shortest method of one click to root your android devices. It also works without a PC and you can install it on the device to root it. The app works just fine and has a high success rate while being free to use for all. One click root works on most of the Android smartphones including Samsung Micromax etc. You can use it on android version up to 7.0 to root with just one click. The unroot feature is also in this app so you can revert back to normal.