These are Nendoroid action figures

Ruins is home to a wide range of Nendoroid action figures and statues, pop figures, and many more. We’ll add more, and we’re constantly filling our shelves with new products. Make sure to check back regularly to ensure you don’t be missing any items. Use the search function since numerous items are not part of any particular product category.

Action figures: What do they mean?

Action figures such as action dolls and action toys are suitable for playing adventure and action games and war games. These toys have been around from the beginning of time, an example of this being Tin soldiers. The first modern action-based character came from GI Joe. The term”action figure,” which is also known in English as the action figure, was introduced by Hasbro in 1964. In the present, action figures are usually part of an entire franchise, a toy brand; however, they also appear in cartoons and the like. A few of the most popular action figures include Transformers and Action Man.

Have you got the Nendoroid action figures authentic?

Our Nendoroid action figures have been authorized by our trademark owner and are of top grade.

Where can I get Nendoroid Action figures?

If you cannot locate the Nendoroid action figures you are searching for, contact our team at Ruins Webshop, and we will look into what we can offer. Feel free to ask us at if you need help.

What is Nendoroid?

Nendoroid is a name for plastic figurines produced through the Japanese Good Smile Company beginning in 2006. Nendoroids are usually made from Manga or anime characters and are regarded as leks collectors. It is typically designed in the chibi style (small body, big head) and is approximately 10 cm tall. A typical Nendoroid has three interchangeable heads, each with various facial expressions. Other parts that can alike include hair (hairstyle) and arms.

Manga Anime series with some or all of the Nendoroid modeled following them