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How many times have you had trouble finding photos and videos on your phone or computer? How many times have you gone through this with important files? Countless to say the least! We always hope that there is a solution to this, a place where we can easily export our important files to. Although several devices have been there none of them can detect and automatically create photo backup. The Photostick offers a way out of this predicament.

With the rate at which technology is advancing and new gadgets and gizmos are being introduced, it is hard to keep track of the developments. In case you’re wondering what a photostick is exactly, for starters it is part of that long list of gadgets. A Photostick enables you to extract photos and videos from a device by simply connecting it to it. It is by no account a new product but certainly one that not many people have heard about.

In this review, we’ll answer almost every question that a potential buyer could have about the photostick. From features to benefits and a final word on whether you should have one or not.

What is a Photo Stick?

It looks like the USB flash drive which many of us carry with us today although its function is very different. A photostick has a USB port but it carries specialized software which begins detecting photos as soon as it detects that it has been connected to a device. Not only does it work with photos but it can also detect other types of content like videos and even Microsoft Office supported documents among others.

When Windows Explorer introduced a similar addition to the list of things it could do when a gadget was connected to it via USB, users was very happy. Even today as you connect any device which can hold photos or visual content to your Windows laptop, it automatically detects every new picture which has been added to the library since the last sync.

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The Photostick provides the same feature in a USB.

The photo stick is an effective way of backing up any photos or videos which you want to preserve for a long time. It is extremely easy to carry because it is the same size as a USB connector. Sometimes, it requires an adapter or otherwise, it can simply plug into your phone and it begins detecting photos, videos or files immediately.

Why can you need a photostick for?

It is estimated that a good chunk of only Americans suffers at least one hardware malfunction in a year. Around the world especially in countries where technology is not as reliable yet, the numbers are greater. And it’s not just hard to drive failures; there are several other factors which can cause computer systems to fail. When this happens, most of our data is lost if we didn’t have a prior backup.

It has been observed that the items which are regretted being lost the most include photos, videos and other important documents which might have been on the computer. This is why it is imperative to have an updated backup on you at all times. We never know when electricity fluctuations, extreme temperature or any other failure might trigger the destruction of your hard drive. Additionally, there can also be software issues.

The photo stick allows users to effectively create backups for crucial files stored on a computer. Not only pictures but videos and music, files, etc. are all things that could be significant based on personal emotions and the nature of work. The photostick simply plugs into the computer, starts to detect any photos and videos within a matter of minutes and then following it up by creating a backup.

How does the product photostick backup?

The photostick is designed exclusively for the purpose of detecting and then importing pictures and videos from your computer, phone or any other gadget. It can work with another type of files too. It is loaded with software which initiates the search for photos in your computer as soon as it is plugged in. Depending on how many files are there in the computer, the time duration varies significantly.

The photostick will search through each and every file and folder inside the computer. If there is a photo or video hiding in any corner of the device, photostick will find it. There are times when we put some pictures in a strange place and forget it was there. With the help of a photostick, this will no longer be a problem. The joy of finding a long-lost file like this is truly something to talk about.

How many files can a standard photo stick hold?

Although an accurate number for this question is difficult to ascertain, a calculated assumption can be made. We all know and understand the fact that pictures and videos have no standard size. This is even so with files, so obviously, it is difficult to put down an exact number of how many files will be able to fit in one device. The other factor is the size of the photostick too. If you’re in the market searching for a photostick to buy, there is a chance you’ll be wondering how many photos or videos it will be able to store on average. Well, if you buy a base model which offers 8 GB of storage, it will hold around 3500 photos. The 64 GB version will be able to store 30,000 while a 128 GB photostick has storage for as much as 60,000 pictures.

These numbers are a general assumption which has been made by keeping certain parameters in mind. The actual number might vary significantly if the file size is larger or smaller. Videos take up considerably larger areas so you will be storing a lot less of those. Similarly, is the case with files or other documents? Depending on the size, the final capacity will fluctuate.

Applications for the Photostick

Hardware and software failures are common even with the best computer systems. We have discussed some of the reasons why this might happen and most of them have nothing to do with any negligence. There are things which can go wrong naturally causing an enormous loss to you and other people who might have been using your computer to store their files.

We are all aware of these risks but we still forget to regularly backup our systems due to one reason or another. Most of us are just forgetful or don’t have a drive big enough to hold all the data we have. These are just a couple of examples about where the photostick may come in handy. There are several options nowadays to back up entire hard drives.

Cloud services offer a significant amount of storage for holding important and memorable files. However, the thing with a cloud service is that it charges monthly and there are chances that a person might end up forgetting their password. A photostick is a one-time investment it can be scheduled to perform regular backups whenever you find it convenient. There is no problem leaving it plugged into the computer so that it can perform backups either automatically or when you tell it too.

Using the photo stick?

The great thing about having a photostick on you is the ease with which it can be used. All that is there is to simply plug the product into your laptop or desktop. The software already installed in the photostick will boot up automatically and start detecting photos and videos stored on your computer. Once the search is done, you can export all the content with a click of a button.

According to data compiled from a number of online reviews, the photostick has an ease of use rating of 95%. This is not hard to see considering the fact that the use is so simple. The operation is simple enough for even the most non-tech savvy person to understand and execute. WE all have USB drives and we use them quite frequently. The photostick is quite similar to it too.

Photostick Mobile

One of the most amazing things about photo stick is that it is compatible to use directly with a mobile phone. It is estimated that more than 2.5 billion people around the world have a smartphone. Considering that the world population is just over 7 billion, this number translates to roughly 36% of the planet’s human beings. We use our mobiles so frequently that even Google acknowledges that most of the queries and visits it receives these days come from a mobile device.

It is amazing that photostick manufacturers thought about this. For most of us, it can be an inconvenience to first figure out a way to get all our photos and videos into our computer and then use a photostick to back it all up. With photostick mobile, there is an easy way out. All you have to do is download the app and then simply plug the device into your phone.

It is important to note that the normal version of the device is not designed to work with a mobile phone. It either requires an adapter or a completely different device. Using an adapter is a better option because not only is the mobile version compatible with Android only, the variant from ThePhotoStick is currently listed as unavailable on Amazon with no news or announcement about when it is going to come back in stock.

What is the difference between a Photostick and a Flash Drive?

In terms of appearance, there are no differences between the photo stick and a normal USB flash drive. The both connect in the same way. The only difference exists in terms of functions. The photostick device has built-in software which automatically launches as soon as a connection is detected. A flash drive does trigger Windows Autoplay but that’s not exactly similar to what the photostick does.

A USB flash drive may be considered more versatile since it has more functionality. The Photostick can’t be used as a normal flash drive because it is not designed to work that way. It offers the benefit of automatically backing up all your important documents when connected to a device. The USB flash drive, on the other hand, can openly allow you to transfer any data to it easily.


Photo sticks are available from a multitude of brands. They offer more or less the same features so the final decision about which product to buy comes down to personal preference. The photo stick modules offer a number of features which boost the capabilities of the gadget. These benefits also facilitate the user-friendliness of the device. The features are mostly similar across the different iterations which are available from different companies.

There is no installation process required for the device to work. It is all plug and play.          The speeds which the photo stick devices also offer significant speeds. It can transfer almost a 1000 standard size pictures in 10 minutes. The photo and video detection software available with the device is compatible with both Mac and Windows so there is no separate purchase required for use with either operating system.

Ease of use is one of the biggest and most noteworthy features of the photostick. It only takes a few seconds to simply plug the device into the computer and start using it. Photostick can also identify duplicate pictures. It notifies you about exactly how many copies exist of the same photo. It is safe and reliable without the hassle of having to remember any passwords etc.

Brands and Variants of Photostick

Photosticks in its pure specific form is only available from one brand. There is no exact alternative to the photo stick available from any other company. The closest thing to it is the Picture Keeper which also allows users to back up their photos to the device. Besides these, there are the options of using standard USB flash drives or cloud storage websites. Both these alternatives have their own pros and cons. Here are a few options that you have when looking to purchase a photostick:

-ThePhotoStick: It is one of the leading manufacturers of photo sticks. So much so that they choose to take the name of the product as that of their brand. They have copyright for its use. ThePhotoStick is available in three variants; the 8, 64 and 128. The numbers obviously refer to the amount of space which each device has. The hallmark of ThePhotoStick is the speed which it offers transferring a significant number of files within a few minutes,

-Photo Keeper: The main difference between ThePhotoStick and the Picture Keeper is that while the former comes with the necessary software already inside. For the Picture Keeper, you have to download an app which is available for both iPhone and Android. This app allows you to do a lot of stuff besides importing pictures. You can use it to print photos with convenience and perform a few other functions too. The Photo Keeper is available in three sizes, i.e. 4 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB,

-Expand Drive: This is not the traditional USB flash drive because it only offers the option to expand your cloud storage. It works with most major cloud service providers and enables you to automatically sync your pictures with the cloud. If you are good at remembering passwords and prefer the cloud server over the traditional flash drive, this may be the weapon of choice for you.

After this, we’re left with a plethora of traditional options. Like we said, if you are a person who can remember cloud passwords and prefers that the mobile device or computer automatically sync your photos and videos with the service, you can use any of the reliable ones offered by iOS, Google or Microsoft, etc.

The only other trouble with the cloud is that it only backs up photos and videos from a specific folder in your computer which can mean that some data will still be lost if a malfunction does happen.

You can also pick from a wide variety of USB flash drives. These devices are also available with adapters while others have their own ports which allow them to connect to both the computer and your mobile device. Directly plugging the USB flash drive into the phone can trigger the export option on a variety of phones. This allows the pictures, videos and other files which are important to be sent directly to the drive instead of having to transfer it to the laptop first and then on to a drive.


ThePhotoStick is available at different prices in various places. On Amazon, ThePhotoStick 8 is available for $23.99 including free shipping. ThePhotoStick 64 is for $44.98 with free shipping and ThePhotoStick 128 off Amazon costs $53.79. The Picture Keeper is also available on Amazon where the list price for the 8 GB version is $59.99 but at the moment the price has been cut to $24.99 with free shipping.

Amazon is a great place to buy almost every type of flash drive. The market place offers an extensive range of options for both forms of USBs. They can connect to both mobile phones and computers. The connectors for the iPhone and Android are different so either an adapter is required or a different USB has to be bought.

Where to buy a Photostick?

Now we know that if you are looking for something as exclusive as a photo stick, you only have one option.

ThePhotoStick is available in three options which can be bought over Amazon or from ThePhotoStick website itself. The website has a wide variety of options which cater to computers, iPhone and other mobile phones too. There are bundles where you can save a significant amount of money while buying more than one product.

On the website, there are only two options available for computer users. ThePhotoStick 128 is originally listed for $159.99 while on sale at the moment it only costs about $79.99. There is also ThePhotoStick Plus which is a 1 TB option. The sale price of this product is $300 but on sale, it is $189.95. Whether to buy from the website of the company or Amazon is a choice for the consumer.

At the moment these are the only noteworthy options for buying photosticks. You can buy the product from other places but it is important to ensure the reliability and authenticity of the product. There are retailers who can sell a counterfeit product which compromises your data and the peace of mind that you may have expected out of the product.

Is the Photostick worth it?

The answer to this question is subjective. As a product, ThePhotoStick is well worthy of the investment. The final decision of whether you need a photostick or not depend on what your requirements are. There is no doubt that it is an amazing piece of technology and if you can, you definitely should by it.

There are several reasons for this.

Today, the world of technology is plagued by threats from cybercriminals. They are wreaking havoc on computer systems around the globe causing trillions of dollars’ worth of damages each year. Yes, you read that right! In 2019, the estimated damages from cybercrime are predicted to be around $6 TRILLION. This is a problem not just for businesses but for household users as well. The problem here is that if a malware, ransomware or any other attack were to target your devices, you will have a backup of at least your most personal possession; the pictures and videos.

ThePhotoStick is also an amazing device if you are a professional photographer or visual content creator. In that case, even the 1 TB version can sometimes come in handy. The decision to actually place the order is again, a matter of choice for you and if you think it’s right, there are different places from where the product can be bought quite easily.

Consumer reviews

One of the great things about buying the product off Amazon is that there are hundreds of customer reviews detailing the advantages and disadvantages of the product. People let you know what is good and what’s not right about the product. This means that you can make a much more informed decision about the product.

Although this is our personal review, we thought it would be best to gather some insights from what other consumers are saying. Customer reviews are one of the best ways to judge what a product actually looks and feel like. It is always recommended that whenever you are looking to buy a product, always make sure that you go through some of the reviews from consumers.

ThePhotoStick may be a brilliant device but what actually users say matters more. Since you are here, we thought we would make it easier. We went through a lot of the reviews which users had posted on Amazon and made a list of all that is good and bad with the product according to those who have ordered and used it.

More Real Clients Reviews Can be found on The Photo Stick Facebook Page


Starting off with the merits of the product. The first feature which users have appreciated a lot is the simplicity and ease of use for the product. Even those who gave a negative review were commending the fact that the product is in fact amazingly simple to use. All you have to do is plug it in and the rest of it is done for you. This makes things extremely easy and simple.

The next major advantage which users had pointed out was the peace of mind which comes with this product. ThePhotoStick is made to provide you the opportunity to relax and not worry about having to lose photos and videos in the event of any untoward accident. Using the photo stick makes you feel comfortable that no matter what happens; your memories and other files are safe and sound.

Finally, the third good thing that we picked out from the user reviews was the practicality. ThePhotoStick does offer speeds and users have appreciated that it can actually work. One user commented that they used the product to transfer files off two old computers and the device performed effortlessly. The review had a five-star rating for the product.


Now moving on to the disadvantages and bad things which consumers had pointed out in their reviews. The first thing which people complained about was that the device doesn’t copy data exactly as it is. Users on Amazon were not happy with the fact that although all the data was imported on to the device, it was just crammed into one folder and all the original organization was lost.

Some users were also disappointed that the device was extremely slow. One lady who gave quite a comprehensive review while starting with the good things about the product began her negative side of the story with a complaint about the speed. She said the device took hours and hours to download her photos and videos. According to her, the time was nowhere close to what was given in the description of the product.

Some people also had a complaint about the lack of tech support for the company and the fact that it is no longer compatible with Mac OS. This can be a significant drawback for Apple users. The ability of ThePhotoStick to pull up pictures from almost every place also came under fire in one review where they said that it even got pictures from the email back up and other irrelevant places.


Every product has good and bad qualities. It is also about individual experiences which can vary from one person to another. Overall, ThePhotoStick is a brilliant device which allows you to save your memories in photo and videos in the case of any accident with your phone or computer. No matter who you are, having this feature is something which may be hard to forget. ­­­­