Practical Solutions for the Biggest Blunders in Event Planning

While financially and self-rewarding, event planning is among the most stressful jobs in the world. There are many reasons why this is the case, and one of them is the need to multitask. Event planners manage various tasks all at the same time, as deadlines get nearer every day. There are other concerns and challenges that you may encounter when planning an event. However, every problem has a solution, and it’s especially true with the use of effective methods and the advancement of technology. Also, you can find an all-in-one software solution for event planning, and you may use this service to your advantage.

The following are some problems that even professionals may face and the best ways to approach them:

Shorter Lead Times

The lead time for event planning and management is the period between the initiation and completion, leading to the actual day of the event. It is crucial to produce quality work as you face shorter lead times; this is a major concern for many event professionals as they work on impressive event execution.

One way to approach this is to use event automation software to speed up certain tasks. Use these tools while multitasking, such as when setting up marketing campaigns, working on event ticketing, and designing event websites or registration apps. The software enables you to do these tasks in half the time.

Consider using team management tools to update everyone on the team and keep things on track. It also pays to have a contingency plan, in case of unprecedented situations, to prevent delays and other stumbling blocks.

Problems in Managing Attendees

Attendee management is one of the concerns for event managers; this includes monitoring of attendee check-ins, ticketing, registrations, no-shows, feedback, and so on. Without proper tracking, this will become a major hassle for professional planners.

Event planning software is specially designed for multiple purposes, and you can use this service to set up your event ticketing, registrations, check-in app, and feedback. You may also create your ticketing and registration website. You may upload to your event app all the data and information you have gathered on your website.

With the use of identification keys or QR code, you can manage the attendees in the check-in app quickly and hassle-free. You will also have a record of those attendees who are no-show, which is useful for future reference. Moreover, you can utilize the event app to obtain feedback from attendees via an online survey.

Overspending and Budget

Often, event planners overlook the impact of hidden expenses until it is too late. These include additional costs in early-check-in fees for hotels, accommodation bookings for attendees, drop out charges, venue bookings, or resort fees. On the other hand, overspending is another problem when there is no proper tracking system in logistics, expenses, and so on. Event planners must manage these aspects well, particularly when the budget is small or when there can be no change in the specified budget.

There are online budgeting tools available to track every expense made along the way that planners can use when planning an event. When you use this service, it would be easy to monitor your spending and make changes to the budget whenever necessary. Consider using an event management software solution, in which you can do various tasks under one umbrella. As a result, you can save on the overall costs.