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The amount of people in the world who love to watch movies at the moment is an insurmountable figure. It is a proven fact that people today see movies as the primary fix to boredom. This is due to the fact that the movie industry provides its viewers with a plethora of collection to choose from and various genres to choose from as well.

Despite the choices offered by the movie industry, the viewers are highly disappointed. This is due to the fact that no proper sources are available for them to broadcast the movies. The local televisions are good however they do not take any personal requests from individual viewers. Even the movie streaming websites and applications available online are of no use as most of them regardless of their interface quality are filled with spammed advertisements and bad quality streams which don’t buffer properly. Getting out of these situations seems quite hectic. Although our 5 best movie streaming sites list should guide you towards a proper fix to the problem.


Originally released as an application for mobile devices, Crackle is one of the best online movie streaming websites available on the internet. Along with the latest movies, the website is also known for providing TV shows from around the globe. It comes with an attractive user interface and loads of features for the viewers to browse around. The website requires no signing up from its users. It is also known for providing multiple streaming links for the same video file in case one stream gets broken.


Viewster is a unique online movie website which allows streaming of movies and TV shows in a high quality. Along with movies and TV shows, what makes Viewster unique is the fact that it also provides anime shows from Japan to its users. Its users can simply visit the website and browse through their favorite genres to select videos from. The animes provided by Viewster are regularly updated with the latest TV shows as per their original broadcasts in Japan.

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Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is another movie streaming site which allows free movie streaming of movies from around the world. However, its main focus remains in the world of Hollywood movies. The company is known for providing regular updates on the websites by uploading the latest movie streams every week for its users to view. The website is also supported on various devices like Windows for PC, Android mobile phones and iOS devices.


Moviesub is also a streaming website which mainly focuses on streaming latest movies. Not only does it provide latest movies, it is also known for providing classic movies from the older days in watchable printed qualities. Moviesub also sticks to its name by providing subtitles to its users to play them along with their video movie streams. The website also contains a search feature which the users can use to search for movies using various filters like ratings, release year, country of original release, genre and much more.

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Tubi TV

Finally, the last online movie streaming site on our list, Tubi TV contains one of the largest library of modern movies and TV shows as promoted by the company. Tubi TV is mainly an app based company but also have a streaming website of their own. The Tubi TV app is available on various devices like Android mobile phones, iPhones, Xbox 360s and even Smart TV operating systems. The app charges no fees whatsoever and provides a sick user interface to its users. However, various people have complained about buffering issues while using the website on certain browsers. To fix this, Google Chrome is always recommended along with the latest flash player installed.


There are various websites available right now to choose from. Most of these websites are either filled with spammed advertisements or contain streams which can hardly be run on your devices. Finding the correct website to stream your movies online is really tough if done manually. However, our 5 best movies streaming sites list should properly guide you through the best ones available right now. Make sure to check each of them out for the best experience.