16 ways to get more YouTube views – Tech Unlocker

It’s a great time to start promoting your YouTube channel.

Why is it “now”?

YouTube is the first. The second most visited site on the internet, and in an age when we spend up to six hours per day consuming video, is the future.

It would help if you used as many marketing tactics as you can to make your YouTube channel stand out.

These are 16 ways you can promote your YouTube channel.

  • Create informative and compelling titles
  • Optimize your videos to increase search visibility
  • Learn to understand your audience’s needs
  • Participate in the YouTube community
  • Make eye-catching thumbnails
  • Promote YouTube videos by linking to each other
  • Google search allows you to target audiences
  • To expand your reach, run contests
  • Make a series that is subscribe-worthy
  • You can embed YouTube content to your website
  • Organize your content into playlists
  • For engagement, add CTAs
  • YouTube Live is a great option
  • Collaborate and collaborate with brands and creators
  • Run paid YouTube ads
  • Use social media channels to highlight your YouTube content

We’ll be discussing each of these strategies to promote your YouTube channel and maximize your viewership. These tips will help you get started or to increase your viewership.

Proven tips to promote your YouTube channel

  • Write captivating, must-see titles

YouTube marketing is all in the presentation.

Your video’s performance is dependent on the title. Think about whether you are presenting your content as “must see” or “meh”.

It is important to grab your audience’s attention and not resort to cliche titles.clickbait headlines. People want entertaining content. They also want to know the story behind your video from the beginning of the word “go.”

You can also take inspiration from the YouTube views BuzzFeed or WhatCulture. These videos are often made using listicles, question-based titles, and hyperbole (“insane,” of any time”) to get views.

This is a reminder that engaging titles should be considered carefully and not just the first thing that comes to your mind.

A famous study that provides specifics is Tubular InsightsYouTube video titles should not exceed 41 to 70 characters. However, tools such as CoSchedule’s headline analyzer for a compelling headline, we recommend 55 characters. CoSchedule’s tool doesn’t have a specific purpose, but it is excellent for brainstorming YouTube-friendly titles that will help you promote your YouTube channel.

Sprout Social makes it easy to publish on YouTube

YouTube offers a wealth of possibilities. Sprout allows you to publish directly to YouTube.

You can host long-form videos on your YouTube channel. In addition, YouTube has extensive search capabilities that allow you to expand your reach. Also, track your performance against other social networks.

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  • Optimize your videos for visibility

Here are some ideas: YouTube videos appear in 70% of the 100 most popular Google search results.

You can even try it yourself. Google will return some information from YouTube for any product or “how to” query.