Simple Tips & Tricks To Make The Most Of iTunes – Tech Unlocker

Avid music lovers are at an advantage if they have Apple devices. If you love listening to music online, iTunes gets you everything that you need. It is a versatile media player that doubles up as a file-sharing tool. You can use it for playing and storing music and videos on computers and mobile devices. Although it already has a lot to offer, you can make some simple modifications in iTunes to transform it into a powerful, personalized media manager. Here are some simple tips and tricks that can help you make the most of iTunes.

Keep it updated

The easiest thing to do for enhancing your long-term iTunes experience is to keep it updated. Apple brings regular updates for its applications, with the intention to improve their functionality, performance and security. The best part is that the entire process is effortless and you can update with a few clicks. The results are worthwhile as you will notice that the user interface is more intuitive and playlists are easier to navigate.

Sync with other devices

When you use multiple Apple devices, you may not want to confine yourself to only one of them for listening to your favorite music. Thankfully, you can access several tools that let you sync your iPhone or iPod easily with the iTunes-equipped computer so that you can carry your playlists anywhere. No need to worry about devices that don’t communicate well because Apple has it done for you!

Clean out the duplicates

As you add songs and videos to the iTunes library over time, there are chances that you will end up with duplicates. There could be identical playlists, only with different names, cluttering up your device. Since they can cause performance issues, it is best to clean out the duplicates regularly. You can go through the article here to learn more about detecting and clearing duplicates from the media library. Fortunately, it doesn’t require much effort but can make a big difference to your iTunes experience.

Add art

Another iTunes trick that you can try is creating custom skins for the program to enhance its visual appeal. It is a great hack for users who want to go the extra mile with the musical experience. Apps such as CD Art Display and DockArt let you customize the art on the screen when specific songs are playing, so you can see and hear what you want.

Share playlists

Music lovers often want to share their favorites with people who share their interests. iTunes lets you share playlists without much work. You only have to install an app and connect with friends via social media. Once connected, you can easily share your playlists with them and browse their playlists as well. You can even download the ones you like, adding more to your music library.

These simple tips and tricks can do wonders for your iTunes experience. The best part is that you can implement them without requiring much technical know-how. So just go ahead and enjoy your favorite music like never before!