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Students don’t just go to school to excel in academics. Although it is an important part of their school life, school life is also all about developing one’s unique personality and showcasing a student’s individual character. From the clothes they wear to the accessories a student use, you can easily tell what they like and what sets them apart from the rest of the group.

The good news is, you can also show who you are by your personality and design. Our online store has more than 500+ designs to choose from and more than 100 custom designs where you can play and design your own. In this article we rounded up a couple of uniquely-designed cute macbook  cases that can match the taste of these discerning students.

1. Checkered Plaid

Everyone is familiar with the checkered pattern and the plaid designs. Often, we see this design in sweats and boarding school uniforms. This pattern personifies smarts and brains and gives the wearer the appearance of being scholarly. Students who want to exude that studious confidence can have a laptop accessory that fits their persona.  A checkered plain Macbook Pro 13 Inch Case would be a perfect laptop case that would showcase your intellectual disposition. Getting one is also the smart move as it can protect your equipment from dents and scratched.

Made from a thin and lightweight material, this case will make your laptop easy to carry with an added layer of protection. You can easily slide your laptop into your sleeves or backpacks and carry on with your other school activities.

2. Colorful Confetti

Students don’t just spend all day reading and solving problems. Most of these learners are free to join fun clubs and after-school activities to pursue their personal passion. This type of student is a go-getter and the life of the party. If this is who you are, then the Colorful Confetti case is the best choice for you. As the name suggests, the case is designed with colorful party confetti falling from above. From afar, you can easily spot the design and tell that the owner exudes a fun, light, and exuberant personality.

But apart from the design, this case is known for its sturdy practicality. Laptops are often victims of unwanted damages and dents. A sturdy and well-designed case will provide your equipment much-needed protection from these damages. Moreover, this case is pretty much easy to install and replace with a new one if you desire so.

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3. Gold Metro Geometric

Geometric designs are deemed serious and uptight. But it can be viewed as edgy as well. This laptop case design is most popular amongst young professionals. The pattern shows the sense of organization and seriousness with a touch minimalist feel, which is perfect for the corporate world. But students can also make use of this design, especially if they are trying to harness the respect of their fellow students. If you are the type of student who likes to lead or take on leadership roles, this case would be a perfect fit for your character.

There are a number of variations of this design but one of its outstanding features it is durability and capacity to protect your equipment from water damage, dents, and cracks.

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4. Gold Slash Marble

Gold is often associated with opulence and elegance. When you hear the word “Gold”, the things that would come to mind would be high-fashion and jewelry. Some may think that this laptop case design might be too formal for a student, but someone can definitely rock this timeless design. If you are the type of scholar who wants to keep it simple yet classy, you have every right to use this design. This will give you an air of sophistication and stand out from the crowd.

The easy snap installation features make it quite easy for laptop owners to put it anywhere and anytime. The laser print design is known to last and the robust material would ensure that your equipment will be protected at all times, whether you are at home or at school.

5. Overlapping Equilaterals

School is a combination of work and fun and most students try to live by this unspoken rule. Apart from balancing studies and after-school activities, they also showcase their go-getter style with their laptop cases. The Overlapping Equilaterals laptop case expresses the perfect combination of vibrant hues and geometric patterns. The design definitely fits the lifestyle of an ideal student who can perfectly balance school work and having a good time. The designs can vary and laptop owners will have options to choose from.

Since you are working overtime to get the best of both worlds, you need to ensure that your equipment will be protected at all cost so it can keep up with us. Aside from the engaging design, this case can offer ultimate protection especially from accidental damages caused by bumps and falls.

6. Nothing But Corgis

Students who love their pets can also showcase their bond with this gorgeous laptop case. The Nothing but Corgis MacBook Pro case is an ideal choice for laptop owners who can’t get enough of their corgis. The cute and subtle corgi patterns would surely remind you of your dear pets, even when you are at the university or doing your schoolwork elsewhere.

The more good news is, there are a number of animal-themed designs that laptop owners can choose from – from dogs to pandas. This is definitely a treat for animal lovers who want their lappies to be secured from damages brought by accidental fall or their pet’s claw works. Thin and sturdy, your laptop will have much-needed protection without the feeling of bulkiness inside your bag.

7. Effeminate Giraffe

Students/art-lovers view the world differently and they want to express their unique personality as frequently as they are allowed to. Apart from showcasing their character through their clothes and accessories, they can also make do with their laptop cases and accessories.

The Effeminate Giraffe can be a stunning art piece that you can carry with you as you walk in your school halls or while doing your art projects. The artwork is simply engaging and will surely turn heads and curiosity of fellow students. If you feel like changing your case, there are numerous art-themed patterns and designs that you can choose from. But what is constant is the capacity of these cases to provide another level of protection to your learning equipment, especially if it is used very frequently. These cases are made from high-grade materials that can withstand a certain level of abuse and still keep your equipment running.

Take advantage of the benefits that these laptop cases can offer, especially when it comes to design. But what they need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect case is the quality of the material and whether it can provide them value for their money.

High-quality MacBook Pro cases may come with expensive price tags but quality and service that they can provide cannot be argued. They are known to last long and withstand extreme environments and conditions.

Remember that your laptop is a piece of essential equipment that you use for school on a daily basis. It is best to invest to a costly protective casing than to suffer when your equipment will be an unfortunate victim to damage due to accidental fall or carelessness.