How to Design Your First Website by 2021

What do a startup CEO, lawyer, and freelance photographer share in common? All of them require an online presence. Today, it’s much easier and more complex than it ever was. The advent of website builders allows professional websites to be accessible to anyone, including non-techies. However, just because it’s simple does not mean it’s the best option. We’ve got an abundance of knowledge in this area, and we know the right thing to do and what not to do. Based on our own experiences, Hostinger with WordPress is the most effective method to begin. Continue reading to find out how to accomplish this.

The reason why creating a website is worth it.

Even if your company is beginning, creating websites is an excellent investment. It allows you to reach an international audience, gives you credibility, breaks down geographic barriers to increase your client base, and provides your business with a permanent online presence. Sure it’s true that you can use Facebook and Twitter to reach larger audiences; however, you’re in the hands of algorithms and constantly changing rules that aren’t doing much to give you the steady base to support the growth of your business.

Don’t forget the millions of other businesses or influencers you’re competing with on social media.

What happens if Instagram modifies its algorithm? And what happens when your faithful fans aren’t able to interact with you because they don’t get to be able to see the posts you post on Facebook?

If social media is the only method to stay in contact with your followers, You’re just one algorithm change away from losing touch with your customers.

When you build your website, then it’s your sole property. There’s no need to fret about changing the algorithm or ensuring that your readers who are loyal to you can be able to access your content. You have the flexibility and control required to establish your business as a trusted brand.

Your website is an essential piece of real estate online which also serves as your primary salesperson. You determine what it appears like and what it does as it allows you to stay in communication with your customers and followers.

The money needed to build a website

It is technically possible to build websites without spending any money. But there are restrictive conditions for free sites that you may not be content with the final product. When you make a website using a free platform, you’re not able to use your domain name, have limited bandwidth and storage space, and are stuck with advertisements on your site, and you’ll be deprived of crucial features.

All you require is an efficient website hosting service to begin your journey. Hostinger is our top choice for almost everyone and starts at just $1.99 per month, and that’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Each Hostinger package comes with automated WordPress installation and maintenance. We recommend choosing Hostinger’s WordPress Starter package, and it’s slightly more expensive than $3.99 monthly. However, you’ll also get a domain name with the plan.

The price includes the promise of four years. If you can make an initial cost of $191.52, you can get top-quality hosting at a reasonable rate for the next four years.

It’s just slightly more for one of the essential features we recommend for privacy: WHOIS privacy. It costs 10 dollars per year.
In the end, the four-year cost of your plan is $231.52.

For the amount of time needed, you could start putting together the idea for the website operational in a matter of hours. However, be prepared to invest about three to five days designing your site, making a copy, as well as making sure everything is perfect.
The exact length of time is dependent on the level of complexity and the speed at which you become proficient on the platform; however, it’s a good estimation to keep in mind.

Nine Steps to Create Your First Website

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