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Over time, the usage of emulators has increased at a rapid speed. These Android emulators are used to run Android applications (mainly from Google Play Store) on Windows PC. There are several Android emulators on the web, but the two most popular emulators are BlueStacks and Nox Player. These two Android Emulators are massively used by people all over the world on the regular basis.

With the increasing popularity, people often compare BlueStacks and Nox with each other. However, the users count gets divided in two sections, where one considers BlueStacks as the better emulator than Nox App Player and vice versa. Well, before getting to any conclusion, we should learn about both Android emulators, so that we can know about their features. Without further ado, let’s begin with a brief description of both emulators.

• Nox

Nox is a free to use Android emulator which was developed for the Windows and Mac users to run Android applications on their PC. Even though it is available free of cost on nox website, you will never witness any ad or it would ask for a premium membership. The emulator is totally free for everyone. The best thing about Nox is that it works smooth while running heavy games on your PC. If we compare it with BlueStacks, the amount of lag is very less while playing high graphics games. Also, it enhances the playing experience of the gamer and it is well-known for its speed.

If we talk about the user interface, it is really simple to understand it and use. When you initially begin with Nox, it will provide you a quick tour regarding the various things including how to download any app with the help of this emulator. Especially for the gamers, who want to play Mobile games on the big screens, it offers keyboard mapping for the game controls and other applications in it. Also, you can use an external device such as joystick to play games on this emulator. However, if you are using Linux as your operating system then as of now there is no update regarding the release of Nox for Linux OS.

• BlueStacks

As we have already discussed regarding Nox, now it’s a turn for BlueStacks. BlueStacks gives a solid competition to Nox when it comes to exclusive features and various customization options. It comes with a customized windows application which runs the apps in a full screen or a settled size window. Also, it features keyboard mapping which takes your gaming experience to another level. You can enjoy playing high graphics games on the big screen with the help of BlueStacks emulator for Android.

Like Nox, BlueStacks is also free of cost and you can download it right away from its official website without spending a single penny on its purchase. Moreover, BlueStacks comes with its own in-built play store from which you can download any application or game you want. The user interface is very convenient to use and understand. However, there are some minor bugs on this emulator which makes the loading of a few applications to be slower than Nox Android emulator. Also download hotstar for PC and xender for PC from here.

Which one is better: Nox or BlueStacks?

Now, as we have read about both, Nox and BlueStacks, we can come to a conclusion regarding who is the real winner here and arguably the best emulator at present. In terms of speed, Nox is quite better than BlueStacks. As mentioned before, the loading of some applications takes time on BlueStacks whereas Nox provides a high speed to your PC when you are using any application via this emulator.

Talking about the high graphics games, both emulators are fantastic and provide an excellent experience to the users. However, with a slight difference in their performance, I would personally recommend Nox over BlueStacks. It runs heavy sized applications smoothly without any lags. Meanwhile, you may witness minor lag while playing a high graphics game or an application with higher graphics.

Overall, we consider Nox as a better alternative than BlueStacks while keeping in mind other factors which you may consider when trying any emulator such as quality, graphics, speed, and much more. Still, both have their own advantages and you can enjoy both if you want to and then make a decision for yourself.