5 Crucial Tips for Making a Mobile App – Tech Unlocker

Having a firm online presence is a must for any business, and a large part of having a successful online presence is developing your custom mobile app.

It’s one thing to have an outstanding website or solid marketing campaign, but it’s another to be able to connect with customers and clients through unique means.

There are many advantages to having an app and many considerations to take into account before diving into app development. Below, we’re going to run over some of the most crucial tips out there when developing a mobile app.

Pinpoint User Research

When you’re researching your business niche, you’re looking to solve a need among the customer base. The same thing applies when you’re developing an app. It would be best if you listened to what your users want and what they expect.

This is a way to increase brand loyalty for the immediate future. Once your app is released, you should continue to listen to user input. If many users are clamoring for a certain feature or something similar, it would be wise to listen to what they’re looking for.

Set the Correct Price

Based on the services offered, you may need to set a price if you’re even setting a price at all.

A big part of finding the correct price is carrying out market research on your target audience. If you’re building up the app for local users, you can use the Esri zip code tool to look up demographic information.

The higher the information you have, the better the app will.

Competition Research

When you’re making a custom mobile app, chances are you’re not going to reinvent the wheel with any features. That’s why it’s important to research your competition and see what they’re doing.

This allows you to fill in the gaps or improve on the service they already have. When researching the competition, it’s best to try and target those with low to middle influence in your niche.

Going after the big targets off the back is an impossible uphill battle and will likely result in frustration and failure.

Limit Your Ads

With AdBlock Plus becoming a mainstay for just about any internet user, it’s safe to say that people don’t like to be overwhelmed with ads.

While this is an issue that primarily affects free apps, having too many pop-ups and banners are going to discourage users from using your app. Not because the ads are present, but because they may accidentally click on one and take them away from your app.

Plus, a cluttered screen never looks great and does more harm than good.

Keep Your App One-Reason Focused

Many times, people making apps try to have their app solve all sorts of different issues or answer numerous user needs. While great in theory, this often comes up short in practice.


Quite simply, if you’re trying to fight or figure out several problems all at once, chances are your app is not going to be able to fight those issues expertly.

Instead, focus on one issue and try to be the number one solution for that issue. It’s best to go deep instead of wide here.

Plus, doing too much is going to confuse your users as they don’t know what to associate your brand with.