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There are various top quality messengers which are available for smartphones with which you can stay in touch with your friends and communicate with them as and when you please. However, that service is not limited only to the smartphones, they are available for Mac and PC as well. Currently, there are a lot of Instant Messaging apps for Mac and PC users which makes it easier for them to communicate. These Messengers allow the users to audio chat with them, text them or have a video call with their friends.

If you do not know the apps which would perfectly fit your needs, you do not need to worry about anything because in this article, we will tell you some of the best Messengers for Mac and PC. All you need to do is scroll down. The apps are as follows:

1. Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is a top class Messenger available for both Mac and PC. Kik Messenger is available for free for the users and is available on various platforms. You can communicate with all your friends through the Kik Messenger. There are a lot of features that make the users download the app for PC and Mac and the features are what makes this app a top app for Instant Messaging purposes. Your messaging experience becomes better when you are using Kik Messenger. For Kik, there is nothing more important than your privacy and thus, you are guaranteed that your data will be safe. One of the best features of the app are that you can stay anonymous while you are communicating with other people.

2. Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is another Instant Messaging app which a user must try got messaging purposes. Yahoo Messenger allows you to have audio and video calls with your friends and family. Communication with Yahoo Messenger is much easier because of its smooth and user-friendly interface. What makes Yahoo Messenger standout against other messaging apps is that it allows you to make phone calls from your PC to a mobile phone. Furthermore, you can forward instant messages on your mobile phone and it comes with iTunes track statuses as well. You do not have to pay a single penny to use the services of Yahoo Messenger app. All in all, if you need a good app for your Mac and PC, Yahoo Messenger is the one to go.

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3. FaceTime

FaceTime is undoubtedly the most popular app from the list which is exclusive to iOS users. With the help of FaceTime, you can video call your friends with just one click. The app is by default present in your Mac device. However, you need to download Facetime for Windows it if you want to use it on your PC. FaceTime’s rich features make it one of the best Messengers for Mac and PC at the moment. You simply have to sign in to your account and then you can enjoy the services of the app.

4. Digsby

Digsby is a top Instant Messaging app available for PC as well as Mac. With the help of this app, you can put all your social network accounts at one place. You also have the option of merging various friends’ network accounts into one single account. The app has other features as well which makes it one of the best Messaging apps available. It includes conversation history, sending an SMS, chatting with your friends, pop up notifications, data sync, etc. The app also supports various social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

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5. iChat

Lastly, iChat is also an Instant Messaging app which one can use as a Messenger on Mac and PC. It supports various protocols including AIM, ICQ, XMPP and Mobile Me. iChat has a lot of features which the users can explore because of the user-friendly interface that this app comes with. Some features of the app include conversation recording, screen-sharing, iSight effects, remote presentations, video and audio chatting, etc. iChat is free of cost and you can easily use it.


These are some of the best apps at your fingertips which work as excellent Messengers for Mac and PC. Using these apps will make sure that your communicating experience with your friends and family is better. All these apps will perfectly fit your needs and you can choose any app as your messenger.