11 Best Free Word Game Apps for Android and iPhone – Tech Unlocker

There are so many options when you want to play a new smartphone game. The Android and iOS app stores have tons of challenging and fun games.

This is especially true for word games. These are the top free word games for your smartphone if you’re looking to have fun and keep you entertained when you’re feeling bored.


Wordscapes is a crossword puzzle game that combines the creation of words and crossword puzzles. Simply swipe to connect letters and create dishes that fit in the crossword. You should keep in mind that not all words can be correct. To progress, they must be able to do the crossword puzzle.

Wordscapes is an excellent option for those who enjoy relaxing word games. Each puzzle pack features beautiful imagery, from sunrises to forests and oceans. You can also enjoy a soothing soundtrack that enhances your experience. Wordscapes is a great word game that’s both challenging and casual.

Words Crush: Hidden Topics

Words Crush Hidden Themes is another letter-connecting word game that presents a balanced challenge. There are letters that you need to connect to create the theme. The trick is that the letters you swipe through fall when you swipe them. When you have more than one letter, make sure to connect them correctly.

Avoid making mistakes and try to earn stars so you can unlock more themes. If you score well, you can go to the farm, beach, or kitchen. Words Crush Hidden Themes is a fun game with a simple idea.


Perhaps you enjoy mixing pictures with word games. Pictoword is an excellent tool for you to do this. This word puzzle challenges your problem-solving skills. Two pictures will be combined to make a word. One picture could be a key, the other a chalkboard. To create a comment from the images, fill in the numbers of letters.

Pictoword has quests that you can complete to earn extra game goodies. Make sure to keep checking back often for new ones. Join the daily challenges to earn coins. You can then use the cash to get hints that reveal or remove letters or allow you to skip the puzzle. Pictoword is a combination of word and picture games.


Wordalot is another excellent word game that makes use of pictures. Wordalot, which is quite different from Pictoword and Pictoword, is a crossword puzzle. The displayed image contains clues to each word. This one can be difficult, so you will need to use your observational skills.

Tap the word you think you know in the puzzle to play. You can fill in the letters shown and see if they are correct. If not, you can continue. To change your mind, tap the letter to remove it from the puzzle. Each word you tap will change the letter set, which is itself a hint.

Word Cookies

Word Cookies has a fun theme and cheerful music. Word Cookies will get you creating words to solve the puzzles. There will be spots showing how many comments you can make and how many letters each one contains. Drag the letters to the bottom and create the words you want.

Word Cookies allow you to shuffle letters and use hints when stuck. Although you start as a Novice chef, your problem-solving skills will make you an Ultimate Chef no matter how long. There are currently over 2,000 levels to enjoy.